Housing for All, Youth Homelessness Strategy 2023-2025

The Irish Coalition to End Youth Homlessness campaigned for a national strategy on Youth Homelessness since 2017. This work led to the commitment to develop a Youth Homelessness Stragey under the 2020 Programme for Government, and the Government's housing plan to 2030, Housing for All, published in 2021.

Throughout 2022, the Coalition engaged with the Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage (DHLGH) as this strategy was developed, advocating for evidence based prevention measures and solutions to address youth homelessness in Ireland. 

The Youth Homelessness Strategy commits to 27 Actions under three strategic aims; to Prevent Young People Entering Homelessness; to Improve the Experiences of Young People in Emergency Accommodation; and, to Assist Young People Exiting Homelessness.

Collaboration between relevant Government Departments, State bodies, and service providers within the youth, housing, and homelessness sectors is intrisic to the successful implementation of this strategy. 

As a member of the Youth Homelessness Strategy Steering Group, the Irish Coalition to End Youth Homelessness will continue to advocate for innovative measures and a collaborative approach to end youth homelessness.